Software Apocalypse

The Coming Software Apocalypse by JAMES SOMERS in The Atlantic,  SEP 26, 2017 

Need more doom and gloom on the state of software?  Here it is!  Plenty of examples to illuminate issues in development process, tools, and teams.  Presents Temporal Logic of Actions (TLA+) as one possible  design and development solution.  Successfully presents need for new solutions to more formally advance software engineering and test.

Software Test Engineering white paper available.

Have your software failures resulted in lost time, fraud, or injury?  This is far too common a problem.  The good news is that Software Test Engineering helps improve your ability to find and fix these issues before they’re experienced by your customers.

So, what are the first three steps to conquer this problem?

  Develop a Software Test Strategy

 Test Plan a Project with Configurations, F/F Tree, & Data

  Measure the key attributes of your test organization and use the metrics to drive change.  Adjust your Software Test Strategy and Test Plans based on metrics and feedback.

This may seem like a simple list, but it is the foundation for change.  Contact to get the full STE white paper.