Stay Safe Online security recommendations

REPOSTED: Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance have provided these security tips.  I recommend this read for all.  Everyone should take security seriously and start with a few simple tips (provided by reviewer):

  1. Never give passwords to ANYONE.
  2. Never email or digitally store unencrypted passwords.
  3. Don’t use obvious or simple passwords that someone who knows you might guess.
  4. Be aware of links and attachments online, and calls or texts from anyone you would not give your house keys to… scammers and hackers are casting a broad net fishing (phishing) for your information.

Whoa nelly – that is big funding for MABL software testing!

 $10M for software testing startup  in VentureBeat by Paul Sawers

With $10 million in funding, 2 ex-Googlers launch Mabl to bring machine learning to software testing

Software as a service automated testing is definitely a hot growth area and this new free beta is one review for your test needs.  MABL automatically crawls and scrapes your website or web app.  A chrome extension helps you to document journeys (procedures) and then allows you to schedule or re-run them at anytime.  Take this one for a test drive and expect they will continue to add features!

2018 Software Testing Trends

1. “Big Data” re-use within Software Testing

Software Testing will finally turn the value paradigm that has progressed from PEOPLE to TOOLS, to ALL TEST DATA. Yes, people and tools in your test organization are important foundations, but organizations are also learning that test (test configurations, data, procedures) re-use is possible. To discern further which level you are at, think if your organization’s focus is assigning people to test tasks, or additionally if it sets clear expectations on how tests are developed and what level of content is expected; and what level of data and procedure re-use are you achieving? Sorry for using the “Big Data” hook, but your test org’s data should be as important as external customer big data.

2. Test Supermarket

From integrated maps and documents to common shopping cart functions, software test will enter the era of common tests for sale as a commodity. Just as developers re-use software code, testers will integrate and execute common test packages (test data and procedures targeted to specific configurations).  This will be the start of the trend with predicted common acceptance in 3 years.

3. Continued Independent Testing

As reported elsewhere**, I believe the trend will continue to progress for more independence of test organizations. With independence comes obvious responsibility for improved efficiency and effectiveness which will promote the first 2 trends.  Note that this independence of scope and reporting will proceed in parallel with increased alignment and scope with systems design and triaging for test organizations.

** #7 Independent Software testing: “… sector will see an annual growth of 9.5% for the next few years”


Grow and align your quality and development teams in 2018?

 StickyMinds Structured QA Process by Praveena Ramakrishnan – October 23, 2017

Do you have a goal to grow your quality or test organization in 2018 and better align it with your development teams?  This article challenges test organizations who are stuck in the “just find bugs” mode to go beyond that expectation, and organize and strategize so that you improve your testers skills and improve your quality as united teams.  Aligning or assigning added roles in triage or root cause, or in systems architecture, are great ways to collectively improve software quality and efficiency as well as broaden employee skill sets.

Software Apocalypse

The Coming Software Apocalypse by JAMES SOMERS in The Atlantic,  SEP 26, 2017 

Need more doom and gloom on the state of software?  Here it is!  Plenty of examples to illuminate issues in development process, tools, and teams.  Presents Temporal Logic of Actions (TLA+) as one possible  design and development solution.  Successfully presents need for new solutions to more formally advance software engineering and test.